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What is Integrative Counseling?

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when
we touch them with compassion.” – Buddha

Integrative counseling addresses the whole person as we work through emotional/physical/mental/spiritual challenges, trauma, life transitions and transformations.

When we are challenged emotionally, mentally, or both, our whole being is challenged. When the focus is only placed on the mind or emotional body as is the case in most traditional counseling settings, our quest for healing…for wholeness…can be limited

Integrative counseling includes the complete person while addressing the emotional, mental, and/or spiritual disharmony.

When needed, we incorporate the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine and nutritional support to stabilize the nervous system, to quiet the mind and to address any physical imbalance that might be blocking the stabilization of the whole system.  Flower essences are also used to restore and balance the physical, emotional and mental processes.

We make sure that the four sacred pillars of healing are in place (lifestyle strategies of sleep, nourishment, movement and sacred time).

We utilize traditional and nontraditional therapeutic counseling approaches to facilitate greater breakthroughs.

We incorporate energetic medicine, when appropriate, to allow the body to release stuck and trapped emotional energy for greater freedom and transformation.

Integrative counseling addresses the whole being, which creates a stable and compassionate foundation resulting in lasting peace, harmony, balance and freedom.


The Benefits of Integrative Counseling


Develop a deeper connection with yourself in a safe place, either situational or long-term

Anxiety Issues
Panic Problems


Embrace your authenticity and life changes with acceptance, strength and gratitude

Career Challenges
Sexual Identity
Worthiness Issues


Build healthier and happier connections with others to support your growth

Marriage Happiness
Navigating Divorce
Resolving Conflict 
Family Difficulties

Loving Connections


Shift debilitating patterns and re-engage with life 
for lasting peace and balance

Weight Issues
Illness & Stress

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